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AFX Industrial (film scores)

 As a film maker you will know only too well that film making can often seem like a long list of problems to be solved.  This is where AFX come in, we solve ALL of the musical problems you are ever likely to encounter and then some!  For AFX it's not just about throwing music at your project and hoping it sticks, no we are problem solvers, scoring is a highly analytical process and extremely time consuming … If done correctly it can double the impact of your film. 


AFX Industrial (film scores) put your film's musical needs above anything else, commissioning music for your film is just the beginning!  However, making it sound like a film score is a highly specialized discipline, we know from deep experience that without a skilled scoring team on board your film can quickly lose it's sense of direction.  Our proven track record speaks for itself. 


More than anything else we offer musical solutions that will enhance rather than disguise your film.


Here are 9 reasons why you should you choose AFX over the competition:


  1. We have a long credit list.
  2. We run a professional scoring company (it's not a hobby).
  3. You get all of the correct legal paperwork with your film's music (VERY important to the pro film maker).
  4. We are classically trained.
  5. We have access to real orchestras (depending on your budget).
  6. AFX put your film first and our ego last.
  7. We speak in plain English (not weird musical symbols).
  8. All paperwork is simple (it's done online).
  9. Your film's soundtrack is released globally on iTunes / Amazon etc.


Yes you did read that last point correctly, not only do AFX solve all of your musical problems we even release your film's official soundtrack as part of our scoring package!


Your film's music (with the movie cover art of your choice) will be available to billions across the world … Problem solved!


We love solving problems for film makers, it's YOUR film and we're here to make it a better, smoother ride for everyone involved.  Our music will make your audience happy and our service will make you wonder how you ever coped without us!


Go to the contact page and let's make it happen!